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Aimed in the direction of an individual bored with spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with no seeing extra profits, a hundred and one High-Intensity routines for speedy effects presents a life of exercises that constantly elevate lean muscles and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed tools of brief, high-intensity bouts of teaching.

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12/12 1 min. indd 35 35 10/20/09 3:55:53 PM CHAPTER DUMBBELL OVERHEAD PRESS >> Your front delts will be issued a beating with 8–15 sets of this move. The focus shifts to your middle delts in the next shoulder session. are anything but. The main benefit of sticking to a single exercise for a muscle group is simple: You’ll maximally recruit all of the muscle fibers that are used to complete that move. But you don’t have to be a one-exercise kind of guy forever. In fact, you should go back to a normal routine of 3–5 exercises per bodypart at the end of the four weeks.

Using a faster-than-usual descent, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Without pausing, extend your knees and hips explosively and try to jump as high as possible. Absorb the landing by bending your knees, and set up for the next rep. SMITH MACHINE BENCH-PRESS THROW >> Start with the racked bar at full arm extension and positioned over your lower chest. Using a shoulder-width or slightly wider grip, unrack and lower the bar, keeping your elbows out to your sides. Touch your chest with the bar, pause, then press back up explosively so the bar leaves your hands.

With the gains you reap from the “Pumped Volume” program, you’re sure to be stronger, harder and leaner when you tackle your garden-variety routine. indd 36 SQUAT >> No leg extensions for you. The Pumped Volume program focuses on multijoint moves like the squat and leg press for maximal gains. 101 HIGH-INTENSITY WORKOUTS 10/30/09 2:14:34 PM PUMPED VOLUME WEEK FOUR MONDAY MUSCLE GROUP CHEST BICEPS EXERCISE Incline Flye Barbell Curl SETS/REPS 10/15 10/15 REST 2 min. 2 min. EXERCISE Dumbbell Overhead Press Leg Press Seated Calf Raise SETS/REPS 10/15 REST 2 min.

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