Ahuvia Kahane, Andrew Laird's A Companion to the Prologue to Apuleius' Metamorphoses PDF

By Ahuvia Kahane, Andrew Laird

ISBN-10: 0198152388

ISBN-13: 9780198152385

The Prologue of Apuleius' cutting edge novel, the Metamorphoses (or Golden Ass), has captivated readers and students from the Renaissance to the current day. This quantity features a new textual content and translation of the Prologue and a variety of essays which spotlight its value for college kids of Classical literature and sleek literary conception.

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Bald's Leechbook, on the other hand, shows a conscious effort to transfer to Anglo-Saxon practice what one physician considered most useful in native and Mediterranean medicine. The third text, Lacnunga, is a sort of common place book with no other apparent aim than to record whatever items of medical interest came to the scribe's attention. In other words, of the three, Leechbook III can be taken to represent the oldest surviving strata of Anglo-Saxon medicine, Bald's Leechbook a sophisticated effort to incorporate the best of known medical practices into a physician's working manual, and Lacnunga a type of collection still being made by untrained and undiscriminating individuals whose chief interest to historians of medicine is that they keep alive a folk medicine which would otherwise have disappeared.

It must count as a very considerable achievement . . The system used to sort and classify all this material must have been extensive and was usually also very efficient, even if some unnecessary duplications have occasionally slipped in. 27 Joseph Payne wrote about it: There is one book, a sort of manual for a doctor's use, of which I shall speak presently, the only surviving work of its class, which seems to imply the existence of others of the same kind. Had the single MS. which remains of this work been 26 27 Leecbdoms, ed.

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