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9. 1 Precision. A within-laboratory test was conducted to establish the precision of the test method. Three testers, on three different days, performed four checks per level of surfactant. An average of the four checks was computed for each level of surfactant. Table II indicates the average, and the standard deviation, from the data of the three testers. 1 The coefficient of variation is being used to determine the bias of this method. The data used was generated from the within-laboratory results of three testers.

Align the long dimension of a fiber in the same direction. Close the diaphragm of the substage condenser so as to provide axial illumination. 3 Focus carefully on the outlines of the fiber. With the fine adjustment, raise the focus to just above the top of the fiber. If the fiber is roughly a cylinder, it will act like a lens. If the refractive index of the fiber is higher than the immersion liquid, the fiber will act like a positive lens.

Using a transmitted light microscope at 5x, 10x and 20x magnification powers will not reveal diffraction, interference and gloss effects that can deceptively appear to be metallic in nature. Chemical (colorimetric) and/or instrumental (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric) analyses should be performed to confirm their presence. 3 Microscopical Cross-Section Examination. 1 Obtain a parallel bundle of fibers or yarn. Thread a loop of copper wire through one hole in the stainless steel plate. Catch the bundle or yarn in the loop and pull it through the hole.

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