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Руководство для пилота Южноафриканского самолета “SLICK-540”. This guide isn't really meant to function an alternative to sufficient and powerfuble flight guide, or wisdom of present airworthiness directives, or the acceptable airworthiness specifications of your aviation authority. it isn't meant to be a consultant for easy flight guide, nor a coaching handbook.

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M. ) The Mathematical Heritage of Carl Friedrich Gauss. ) The second mathematician in the paper (whose name is not mentioned) is Fejkr and the one "who was in Zurich in 1897" is F. Riesz. V. Ahlfors and L. Sario, Riemann Surfaces (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1960) for various aspects and relevant details. The publication of that extremely important paper had a history about which Rad6 was unhappy. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1. On the roots of algebraic equations. Math. i s Phys. Lapok 28 (1921)' 32-37.

However, he showed no interest in my wishes to continue my researches in an area which he and Beckenbach had opened up. That was the "Napoleon" in him. If you wished to have his attention, you had to work on problems and ideas that were of interest to him. B. T. J. Mickle, to name a few. I left OSU in June 1942, and saw Rad6 exactly once after that time. With his death, it seemed that an old-fashioned age had disappeared, the age when "Herr Professor" could and did dominate those who studied with him.

Radol [I], [2]and J. " or " This 'problem of Plateau' ... was answered in the positive by J. Douglas (1931) and T. " Such offenses to Douglas' sense of fair or accurate attribution ruled out use of the books that contained them. It was not that he thought little of Rado's work; but whatever he thought of it, he did not consider that it contained the solution of Plateau's problem, as his own work certainly did; he could not tolerate the inaccuracy. Since he was an excellent teacher and expositor, it is regrettable that Douglas left very little of his pedagogical creativity in written form.

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