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Руководство для пилота Южноафриканского самолета “SLICK-540”. This instruction manual isn't really meant to function an alternative to sufficient and useful flight guideline, or wisdom of present airworthiness directives, or the acceptable airworthiness specifications of your aviation authority. it's not meant to be a consultant for simple flight guide, nor a coaching guide.

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Should a fault or power failure occur in the control system, a disconnect system will be available, and control will continue to be maintained by manual means alone, although control loading will be relatively high. Trim control for a power-assisted control is provided in the same way as that for manually operated flying controls. Fully Powered Controls 88. Where fully power operated controls are installed, power systems are provided which, while independent of each other, operate in parallel and provide all the force necessary for operation of control surfaces.

Under these circumstances servo tabs are used to operate the control surfaces. A servo tab is a small aerofoil section, once again attached to the trailing edge of the main control surface. The servo tab is operated directly by the control column, with no direct connection between the control column and the main control surfaces. As with the balance tab and the trim tab (described later), the servo tab moves in the opposite direction to the primary control surface. A servo tab is illustrated at Figure 1-27.

Chapter 2 Page 1 © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Landing Gear Systems Main Components of Landing Gear 4. Chapter 2 Page 2 Figure 2-1 shows typical main landing gear components in a large aircraft.

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