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On f u n c t i o n In other words, you had looked quantifiers there at d e s c r i p t i v e and is no set theory in 30 your 1955 paper connection. Kieene (Kleene [55]) at all or that you saw any Was that John Addison? John A d d i s o n was doing it already with number quantifiers, wasn't he? Nerode Yes. Kleene I think there Predicates and Quantifiers" is o b v i o u s l y John who is a footnote some kind looked, into in my 1943 (Kleene that time had never read the Polish theorists. not I just knew there looked up the papers when i was c h e c k i n g no help [43]) of p a r a l l e l i s m it and checked was and read Addison's from me in any detail paper "Recursive saying here, and it out.

In Moscow. serious way appears to us on the outside. ". Do you k n o w how M a l ' c e v and how did he get Mostowski for one to get into will is in the 1930's ... like K o l m o g o r o v is r e s p e c t i n g mathematicians must all m a t h e m a t i c i a n s Soviet Union, here he to do logic or at least in a so it But who was his adviser, into logic? in Ivanovo, w h i c h was a very small school. (Pause) 39 Keisler Has there ever been any a x i o m a t i c set theory done in Russia? Mostowski No, I don't think there were so.

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