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Studying POLITICS is a complete exam of the sector of political technology. Taking a comparative procedure, it examines numerous subfields of political technological know-how, together with tools, political concept, comparative politics, diplomacy, and U.S. politics. Exhaustive in its insurance of the fabric, examining POLITICS employs an in depth number of bins, tables, charts, graphs, pictures, and cartoons to carry the reader's realization.

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Scientists often refer to the phenomena linked together in a hypothesis as variables. In our example, age is one variable and voting is a second variable. A variable is something that varies, changes, or manifests itself differently from one case to another. Independent variables are presented as those that act on or affect something. Dependent variables are what the hypothesis presents as being acted on by the independent variable. Which is the independent variable and which is the dependent in our example?

Will science be corrupted by bias if it is not value free? How relevant is political science? What are other sources of knowledge about politics? The questions are difficult ones, and political scientists often disagree on how best to answer them. 20 It seems that the historical debates refuse to die, as we will see as we examine the preceding questions in greater detail. 21 Scientists search for ways to identify, define, analyze, clarify, and understand the world. 22 Each of these pursuits—science, spirituality, religion, art, and philosophy—may be conceptualized as ways of coming up with names and categories for what is considered to be real.

53 In medicine and social science, experiments can go awry. The Hawthorne effect is one danger that researchers must avoid. Named after a series of experiments involving the Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company, this effect appears when members of a test group modify their behavior because they know they are in an experiment. Subjects who know they are being observed may not act according to their usual behavioral mode. The Rosenthal effect can also undermine an experiment’s integrity.

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