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An interdisciplinary research of the Archaic period--using literary, iconographical, and cultic evidence--shows the precise inspiration in the back of the 2 deities of affection. Aphrodite's personality, sphere of effect, and serve as function in her conventional myths and are good mirrored in cult.

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The introductory formula includes the demos. ]το[———————————————————————— ——————] [. ] [. . ]ευδ........ τριδι[. . [...... ἄ]νδραϚ πέντε ἐπ’ ἱεροποιοῦ Ἑ[κατω–] [ν]ύμου· εἴ τιϚ βουλήσει τῶν πολιτῶν ἢ τῶν ἐνοικ. ] 12 [. . ]............... τὸν ναὸν τῆϚ ἈϕροδίτηϚ τῆϚ Πανδ[ήμ–] [ου omit 15-27 [τὸ] δὲ . γηρ ....... τῆι Ἀϕροδίτηι τῆι Πανδήμωι εἰϚ [τ –] 28 [ὸν] ναὸν κα[ὶ τὸ ἄγ]α[λμ]α ἐπ’ ἱεροποιοῦ Ἑκατωνύμου vacat The circumstances which led to the consultation of the oracle do not clearly emerge from the preserved passages of the inscription.

Presumably Thucydides makes Pericles imply that a common love for the polis keeps the people together. e. when her function as unifier of the demos is required. We have seen earlier that this role is already indicated in the myth about Theseus. The coins that were minted when Cleisthenes restructured Attica in the last decade of the 6th century BC commemorate Aphrodite ΠάνδημοϚ and her link with Theseus’ synoecism of the demes. New interest in the goddess in this specific function emerges during and after the liberation of Athens from the rule of Cassander and Demetrius of Phaleron and the restoration of democracy in the 2nd decade of the 3rd century BC.

Among these factors, there are activities and phenomena of cult, such as the sanctuaries and the festivals, sacrifices and rituals related to them, the names of the deities, and particularly the epithets applied in cult, which supply important information about the function a god or goddess performed in a certain cultic environment. Iconographical evidence may be taken as an indicator of how deities were perceived and to which mythological or social contexts they were related. 12 The following sections will take into account the complexity of elements which define a deity, focusing on the relationship between Aphrodite’s cultic and mythological representations.

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