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By Andrzej Nowakowski

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An in depth learn of the fingers and armour of Teutonic troops in Medieval Prussia. A dialogue of the assets is through a weapon via weapon account of shielding palms (helmet armour and guard) and offensive fingers (sword, facet arm, employees guns, butt guns, taking pictures guns, hand firearm and knightly belt). there's additionally a dialogue of horse armour and harness.

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Mansa Musa the Great Mansa Musa was famous for his piety (devotion to his religion) and generosity. His 25-year reign, from 1312 to 1337, is thought of as the golden age of Mali. Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir (ca. 1300–ca. 1374) reported that Mansa Musa was a young, handsome man who had 24 lesser kings under his authority. Al-Umari was told that Musa had “conquered 24 cities, each with its surrounding district with villages and estates” (quoted by N. Levtzion and J. F. P. Hopkins in Corpus of Early Arabic Sources for West African History), and that his palace was rich and splendid.

But it was the Sanhaja nomads of the desert who really held power over the markets. The Sanhaja are sometimes called “the people of the veil” because the men covered their faces (not the women, as is the case in many Muslim societies). The Sanhaja avoided living in the city because they preferred living in tents and wandering the open land on their camels. From out in the desert, they asserted great authority over all the routes leading to the cities. The Sanhaja got their income from controlling these trade routes.

But, because she had been pardoned for a crime, she had to stand near the mansa’s throne with her face covered by a veil. the events involving Kasa caused so much gossip among the people around the court that finally one day the mansa gathered them all together and had his chief jeli, dugha, announce to them that Kasa had committed a serious crime. then one of Kasa’s slave girls was brought in. she was tied up and was ordered to tell her story. the slave girl said that Kasa had sent her to a cousin of mansa sulayman’s named Jata, who had been sent away.

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