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By Jorge Alberto Barroso

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Bill Gosper used this formula to compute seventeen million terms of the continued fraction for π in 1985. This is of interest, because we still cannot prove that the continued fraction for π is unbounded. Again, everyone knows that this is true. That said, Ramanujan preferred related explicit forms for approximating π, such as the following: 32 Mathematics and the Aesthetic This equation is correct until the underlined places. Inter alia, the number eπ is the easiest transcendental to fast compute (by elliptic methods).

Sure I am that such books wherein appeared Angles, or Mathematical Diagrams, were thought sufficient to be destroyed, because accounted Popish, or diabolical, or both. What was done to the public Library I shall elsewhere shew: as for those belonging to Colleges, they suffered the same fate almost as the public, though not in so gross a manner. From Merton Coll. Library a cart load of MSS and above were taken away, such that contained the Lucubrations (chiefly of controversial Divinity, Astronomy and Mathematicks) of divers of the learned Fellows thereof, in which Studies they in the two last centuries obtained great renown.

I have never seen this method return an honest ‘false positive’ for m > 20, say. If no relation is found, exclusion bounds are obtained, saying, for example, that any polynomial of degree less than N Chapter 1 – Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician 33 must have the Euclidean norm of its coefficients in excess of L (often astronomical). If we know or suspect an identity exists, then integer relations methods are very powerful. Let me illustrate this in the context of approximating π. Machin’s formula We use Maple to look for the linear dependence of the following quantities: [arctan(1), arctan(1/5), arctan(1/239)] and ‘recover’ [1, –4, 1].

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