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By Fritz Hans Schweingruber, Annett Börner, Ernst-Detlef Schulze

ISBN-10: 3642204341

ISBN-13: 9783642204340

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ISBN-13: 9783642204357

This paintings, released in volumes, comprises descriptions of the wooden and bark anatomies of 3000 dicotyledonous vegetation of a hundred and twenty households, highlighting the anatomical and phylogenetic variety of dicotyledonous crops of the Northern Hemisphere. the 1st quantity mostly treats households of the Early Angiosperms, Eudicots, middle Eudicots and Rosids, whereas the second one concentrates at the Asterids.

Presented in Volume 2 are microsections of the xylem and phloem of herbs, shrubs and bushes of a thousand species and ca. 35 households of assorted lifestyles different types of the temperate area alongside altitudinal gradients from the lowland on the Mediterranean coast to the alpine quarter in Western Europe. specified consciousness is given to the very assorted kinfolk of Asteraceae. the worldwide point of view of the findings is underlined through the research of four hundred species from the Caucasus, the Rocky Mountains and Andes, the subtropical region at the Canary Islands, the arid zones within the Sahara, in Eurasia, Arabia and Southwest North the United States, New Zealand and the boreal and arctic zones in Eurasia and Canada.

The presence of annual jewelry in all lifestyles types demonstrates that herbs and dwarf shrubs are a good instrument for the reconstruction of annual biomass creation and the interannual dynamic of plant institutions. the typical precept of the anatomical expression of secondary progress is a key consider knowing evolution and version procedures in all existence varieties, from the three cm tall crepide pigmea (Crepis pygmaea) within the alpine region to the forty m tall ash (Fraxinus excelsior) in critical eu riparian forests. The learn opens tremendous fields of analysis for dendrochronology, wooden anatomy, taxonomy and ecology.

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2 rays not visible in polarized light 102 ray height >1 mm 105 ray: all cells upright or square 107 ray: heterocellular with 2-4 upright cell rows (radial section) 136 prismatic crystals present R1 groups of sieve tubes present R4 sclereids in phloem and cortex R6 sclereids in radial rows R12 with laticifers, oil ducts or mucilage ducts 1 1 5 4 1 5 1 1 1 4 2 3 1 1 4 2 1 4 2 1 2 43 Asteraceae - Cardueae Analyzed species: - Cardueae - Carduus macrocephalus Asteraceae Cirsium spinosissimum Arctium lappa L.

Stem of a 20 cmtall dwarf shrub, on a rock, Mediterranean, Myrtios, Crete, Greece. Staehelina petiolata, transverse section.  13. Remaining vascular bundles in a perennial plant with groups of thickwalled fibers. Rhizome of a 80 cm-tall hemicryptophyte, abandoned field, Mediterranean, Banon, Provence, France. Cirsium tuberosum, transverse section. g. Figs. 12 and 16). The xylem of all perennial plants is semi-ring- or diffuse-porous. g.  14).  23). For the most part, vessels are grouped in 2-4-seriate radial multiples (Figs.

44. Large secretory ducts in the cortex. Root collar of an 80 cm-tall hemicryptophyte, riparian, mountain zone, Turrach, Steiermark, Austria. Cirsium helenioides, transverse section.  45. Tangential arrangement of small secretory ducts in the phloem and cortex. Polar root of a 40 cm-tall hemicryptophyte, meadow, subalpine zone, Gudauri, Georgia. Centaurea reflexa, transverse section.  46. Tangential arrangement of small secretory ducts in the phloem. Rhizome of a 40 cm-tall hemicryptophyte, steppe, Mediterranean, Carboneras, Almeria, Spain.

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