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Lapse Rate -_o _ ''"' 30 BO '-' 0o Latitude Figure 1. The upper panels show GCM surface temperature response (heavy black) and radiative forcing (heavy red), for 2% solar constant and doubled CO 2 expertmants, respectively. The blue, grey, purple, and magenta lines represent feedback contributions to the equilibrium temperature change from water vapor, snow/ice, cloud, and advective feedbacks, respectively. The green line is the sum of individual AT Iresponses computed separately, while the yellow line is the combined response, AT t, to all constituent changes taken together.

With the assumption of radiativetransferhasbeenllmltedin Itsapplicability tothe atmosphereby assumptionssuch as small amountsof homogeneousand isotropicstatistics,a singlepath pdf has the form f(slT), which is the conditionaldensityof variability, no internal structure in clouds, or inappropriate distance(s)given transmission(T). Since successivepaths spatialdlstdbutionfunctions, arenotindependent,higherorderinformationsuchasthe We havedevelopeda newmethodofstochasticradiative two-pathIxlf f(s_21T_2,s_1 3_I) is needed.

L. Stephens,P. M. F. Evans,and D. Duds ColoradoStateUniversity DepartmentofAtmosphericScience Ft. Collins,CO80523 Introduction The reseamhconductedas part of this projectbreaks downintothreebroad areas: , detsrmlnistloradiativetransfer • remotesenslng • stochasticradiativetransfer. Thetwo panelsdifferInthemicrophyslcs assumedinthesimulation. Cisady,bothmlcrophysics andgeometryaffecttheheating in Importantways. The particlesize dlstdbution andthe Interpretation ofthistransfer, wasfixedinthiscloud,andonlynumberconcentration was vaded (thus, the effectiveradiuswas also fixed at all levels).

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