Averting a Latin American Nuclear Arms Race: New Prospects by Paul L. Leventhal, Sharon Tanzer PDF

By Paul L. Leventhal, Sharon Tanzer

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Viewed by way of specialists as being at the threshold of buying nuclear guns, Argentina and Brazil have lately taken steps to guarantee one another their nuclear courses are completely peaceable. This stories on a 1989 convention that expected those occasions and explored the techniques being taken today.

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Each party Rapporteur's Summary 23 must conclude that a safeguards agreement will advance its own security and welfare. Agreements on international safeguards rely upon national safeguards systems that establish and enforce regulations for the control, accounting and physical protection of nuclear material. A national safeguards system is necessary to account for nuclear material and protect it from misuse. An international safeguards system establishes accounting procedures for nuclear material that permit auditing and confirmation of data supplied by the national system.

Admiral Carlos Castro Madero said it is the political decision that is crucial. Dr Marvin Miller suggested a 30 Averting a Latin American Nuclear Arms Race nation's technical capabilities can influence its political decision. Dr Jose Goldemberg pointed out the vital need for a national safeguards system to provide domestic accountability. 3 per cent U-235), a nuclear weapons material. By contrast, French submarines use fuel enriched to less than 10 per cent U-235; Soviet submarines may use comparable enrichments.

The Brazilian Physical Society and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science have asked Brazil's Congress to establish a national system with the technical capability to inspect those parts of the Brazilian nuclear programme that are not under international safeguards. The time to put a bilateral agreement in place is while relations between Rapporteur's Summary 27 the two nations are cordial. If problems arise, the strong reliable national systems will help minimize their severity. As for satellite surveillance or aerial reconnaissance, this approach was unlikely to be acceptable in Latin America.

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