Basic Mathematics for College Students (4th Edition) by Diane Koenig, Alan Tussy, R. Gustafson PDF

By Diane Koenig, Alan Tussy, R. Gustafson

ISBN-10: 1439044422

ISBN-13: 9781439044421

Supplying a uniquely smooth, balanced method, Tussy/Gustafson/Koenig's uncomplicated arithmetic for college kids, Fourth version, integrates the easiest of conventional drill and perform with the simplest parts of the reform circulate. To many developmental math scholars, arithmetic is sort of a overseas language. they've got hassle translating the phrases, their meanings, and the way they follow to challenge fixing. Emphasizing the language of arithmetic, the text's absolutely built-in studying procedure is designed to extend students' reasoning skills and train them the best way to learn, write, and imagine mathematically. It blends educational ways that come with vocabulary, perform, and well-defined pedagogy with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, verbal exchange, and know-how skills.Important observe: Media content material referenced in the product description or the product textual content is probably not on hand within the booklet model.

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Now Try Problems 69 and 71 7 8 Chapter 1 Whole Numbers WHY To round to the nearest hundred, the digit in the hundreds column is the rounding digit and the digit in the tens column is the test digit. Solution a. First, we find the rounding digit in the hundreds column, which is 3. Then we look at the test digit 4 to the right of 3 in the tens column. Because 4 Ͻ 5, we round down and leave the 3 in the hundreds column. We then replace the two rightmost digits with 0’s. Rounding digit: hundreds column ᮡ ᮡ 18,349 Keep the rounding digit: Do not add 1.

Clinton 46 yr/154 days F. Pierce 48 yr/101 days M. Filmore 50 yr/184 days Barack Obama 47 yr/169 days J. Garfield 49 yr/105 days T. Roosevelt 42 yr/322 days 20 Baseball or partially successful missions? How many? b. S. 7 Venezuela Canada Argentina Mexico Line graph 6 5 4 3 2 Art 6 1 1960s 1970s Source: The Planetary Society 1980s Launch date 1990s 2000s Gas reserves (trillion cubic ft) Number of missions to Mars 9 Gas reserves (trillion cubic ft) unsuccessful missions? How many? 10 Volleyball Natural Gas Reserves, 2008 Estimates (in Trillion Cubic Feet) a.

An approximation is close to, but not the same as, the exact value. To round a whole number, we follow an established set of rules. To round a number to the nearest ten, for example, we locate the rounding digit in the tens column. If the test digit to the right of that column (the digit in the ones column) is 5 or greater, we round up by increasing the tens digit by 1 and replacing the test digit with 0. If the test digit is less than 5, we round down by leaving the tens digit unchanged and replacing the test digit with 0.

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