Berenstain Bears' Nature Guide by Stan Berenstain PDF

By Stan Berenstain

On a nature stroll Papa endure introduces animals, vegetation, and different beauties and wonders of the earth.

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RAZ Interviewer: Okay, Jag, what do you do for exercise? Jag: I get bored with just one sport. That’s why I cross-train: I run, swim, climb, fish, and hunt. RAZ Interviewer: What do you hunt? Jag: Lots of things. Sometimes I climb up in the canopy to eat sloths and monkeys. On the ground, I hunt peccary, tapir, and yummy capybaras. On lazy days, I lie near the river and catch fish with my claws. When I’m really hungry, I kill alligators. RAZ Interviewer: Wow, I don’t want to be in your powerful jaws ever again!

As you read these words, a jaguar slinks through the understory. Right now, a leaf-cutter ant marches back to a fungus garden. Somewhere in the Amazon, the scream of a howler monkey echoes throughout the forest. Can you hear it? 21 Capybara 22 3. Try This! Glossary Where do you live? Do you live in the rainforest? What about in a desert, tundra, or pine forest? Do you live on the coast, up in the mountains, or out on the plains? You must live somewhere, right? If we live in a town or city, sometimes it can be hard to tell what kind of region we live in.

The class giggled at what they thought to be just another staged part of the tour. Glossary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ” The group members nodded their agreement as they quickly realized this was not another superstition. I knew the guide had been telling the truth because I had read about it on the Internet in preparation for our class trip. Now here we were, in Egypt, inside an actual pyramid, on our way down to the burial chamber to look at an actual mummy.

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