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DIAL INCISOR 7-8 yr. LATERAL 1ST CANINE NCISOR PREMOLAR 9yr. 10yr. II yr. Figure 3-16 25 1ST 2ND 2ND 3RD PREMOLAR MOLAR MOLAR MOLAR 12yr. 6 yr. 12 yr. 24 yr. CHAPTER 4. THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM CHAPTER 4. THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM It is helpful to remember. as a general principle of muscle anatomy. that when two muscles overlap one another and run in parallel, the shorter muscle tends to lie deeper. G~meral patterns of muscle innervation are discussed in chapters 12-14 (Nervous System), Specific listings are given in the Appendix, page 173, perior fibers elevate the shoulder; inferior fibers lower the shoulder.

In the male, two capers (Cowper's glands = bulbourethral glands) are also inside the sandwich. These communicate with the urethra. Outside (superficial to) the sandwich is a second slice of bacon (superficial transverse perinei muscle) (4) which also lies near the cut edge of the sandwich. The superficial crust of the bread (3) represents the ischiocavernosus muscle (one on each side). FEMALE Figure 4-35 Fig. 4-36. The pelvic diaphragm from below (female). The levator ani and coccygeus muscles, which form the pelvic diaphragm, do not form a complete diaphragm; here is a gap around the urethra and vagina.

This type of cartilage provides a growth center for developing bone (fig. 2-34). With development, the head (epiphysis) of the developing bone fuses with the diaphysis (shaft region) and growth stops. 24 Teeth There are usually 32 permanent teeth, 16 in the upper jaw and 16 in the lower jaw. In other words there are 8 teeth on the right and 8 on the left side of each jaw. These 8 permanent teeth are (fig. 3-15): 2 1 2 3 incisors (for cutting) canine (for piercing and tearing) premolars (for grinding) molars (grinding) Fig.

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