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J u sch k ew itsch (op. ) and Struik {op. ) imply the same by their treatment o f the period; also Z eu th en (op. , p. 212). He also says: “It has been argued that Fibonnaci appears greater than he really was because o f the lack o f equal contempora­ ries. ). M o m u cla begins by saying, “L* treiziemesieeks fut presque un temps de lumi£re en comparaison de celui qu’ors vient de voir s’ecouler" (Histoire des Mmhimatiques, vol. t (Paris, 1799)* p. 506), but, then, goes on, **.. Je treiziime stede n’ait pas ^te un sitcie de gente.

Selection of manuscripts and printed editions for the preparation of this edition was based on legibility, availability, age and reliability. These seemed to be the I<6 R isn er attributed De Crepmculis to Alhazen. Regarding Ibn Mu’adh’s authorship, see A. I, Sabra, “The Authorship o f the Liber 4e Crepusculis, an Eleventh Century Work on Atmo­ spheric Refraction", Isis* vol. 58 (1967), pp. 77—85. 161 In a personal letter to D. C. Lindberg, dated December 18, 1%9, Dr Bernhard fiischoff raises the possibility o f the manuscript having been copied by a late thirteenth century hand.

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