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3. 29 (GeV/c2 )−1 [33], using their measured upper limit on B(B + → τ + νμ ). 3 shows that with this limit on tan β/mH ± the charge Higgs contribution to B(Ds+ → μ+ νμ ) is less than 1 %. 1 is one of the primary tasks of flavor physics. Various groups have taken up the task to compile all available measurements and fit for the parameters ρ and η. 4. Currently all measurements are consistent with each other, confirming the unitarity 20 CHAPTER 2. THE DECAY CONSTANT OF PSEUDOSCALAR MESONS assumption.

Good discrimination of e, μ, π, K, and p to distinguish the different decay channels of the B ± and B 0 meson. 3. THE APPARATUS 37 580 mm Space Frame Bkwd. support cone 520 mrad e- Front end electronics Fwd. 4: The SVT. The roman numerals show the position and indicate the size of the silicon wafers within the layers. • Tracking and clustering over a wide transverse momentum 60 MeV/c < pt < 4 GeV/c and energy range 20 MeV < Eem < 9 GeV In the following the detector subsystems are described. They are presented in the order they would appear to a particle starting at the interaction point (IP) traveling outward.

The angles of the Unitarity Triangle are given by α ≡ arg − Vtd Vtb∗ Vud Vub∗ , β ≡ arg − Vcd Vcb∗ Vtd Vtb∗ , and γ ≡ arg − Vud Vub∗ Vcd Vcb∗ =π−α−β . 11) Today it is one of the primary goals of flavor physics to precisely determine the parameters of the CKM matrix, and, through independent measurements of the three angles and sides of the Unitarity Triangle, to test the unitarity hypothesis. 3 QCD Quarks have an additional internal quantum number called color. Each quark flavor is described by a triplet in color space.

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