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By Friderun Ankel-Simons

ISBN-10: 0123725763

ISBN-13: 9780123725769

This publication is in contrast to ay different paintings on primates: it systematically studies the biology of all residing primates, together with people. It describes their bio-geographical details and gives the most important info touching on their physique dimension, fur colour exterior distinguishing good points, habitat and uncomplicated lifestyles strategies.

Now in its 3rd version, Primate Anatomy discusses species which are new to technology because the final version with information touching on anatomical positive aspects between primates that have been re-discovered. New examine in molecular primatology can also be incorporated because of fresh appropriate findings in molecular biology in response to new know-how. the fundamentals of organic taxonomy are brought, in addition to pictures of all significant teams. very important new and controversal concerns make this variation key for each primatologists, anthropologist, and anatomist.

* deals up to date studies of molecular primatology and primate genomics
* Concentrates on dwelling primates and their total biology
* Discusses the genetic connection of functionality the place known
* Introduces primate genomics for the 1st time in a textbook
* presents instructive and complete overview tables
* contains many targeted, novel and simply comprehensible illustrations

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Already in 1863, Huxley recognized that humans are most closely related to the African great apes, to the exclusion of the Asian Orangutans genus Pongo; this fact was then carefully documented by Gregory (1934). Humans were habitually classified in their own family Hominidae because there is a fundamental degree of difference in the adaptive features of humans and great apes. 28 Taxonomy New findings about the molecular similarity between African apes and humans by cladistic classifiers gave rise to a new classification that included the African great apes (Gorilla and Pan) in the family Hominidae.

He published detailed studies about the tree shrews and was appointed professor of anatomy at Oxford University in 1934. His thoughts and books about human and primate evolution became the leading texts for generations of biological anthropologists and still have great applicability to the formulation of theories of primate and human evolution. These influential books are as follows: Early Forerunners of Man (1934), History of the Primates (1949), Antecedents of Man (1959), and Man-apes or Ape-men?

2004). 19 Genus Symphalangus is now regarded to be a subgenus of Hylobates by some. 20 An alternative taxonomy puts Pongidae into superfamily Pongoidea and our own family, Hominidae, into superfamily Hominoidea. This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2 Taxonomy Hierarchical Classification Population Biology and Classification Traditional (or Evolutionary) Classification Numerical (or Phenetic) Taxonomy Cladistics Misunderstandings in Primate Classification The Tarsier Conundrum Human minds are constantly trying to rank or sort out all that surrounds them.

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