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Milarepa was once one of many maximum Buddhist saints to have ever lived. His really good tale of attaining enlightenment in a single lifetime is likely one of the actually inspirational books in Buddhism. What Milarepa practiced, learned, and taught used to be Mahamudra, that's the most meditation of the Kagyu institution of Tibetan Buddhism. this custom has handed down orally from guru to disciple usually in terms of non secular songs. those songs are a distillation of a practitioner's life of meditation and illustrate the yogi's spontaneous awareness. As they're particularly concise and poetical, they typically want a remark to provide an explanation for the entire nuances of what they suggest. during this booklet, Thrangu Rinpoche stocks his knowledge at the existence and teachings of Milarepa via explaining which means of a sequence of ten religious songs from Milarepa's a hundred thousand Songs.

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I offer this practice to my guru, in order to please him. I dwell alone in the mountains as a pleasing service to the dakas and dakinis. Though I disregard physical hardships, applying myself to the practice of the dharma as an act of service to the teachings of the Buddha. I will practice for as long as my life lasts, as a gift of dharma to the beings who are without a refuge, without a protector. If I'm going to die, I'll die; ifl'm going to be sick, I'll be sick; but it will not make any difference to me.

These are the three aspects of the mantrayana view of the true nature of the mind. The three aspects of meditation are: (1) Many thoughts appear in meditation. If the nature of mind is not identified, the thoughts become a problem; they become solid and an obstacle. However, when the true nature of the mind is realized, although thoughts arise, they are liberated as the dharmakaya. (2) When thoughts are naturally realized to be the dharmakaya, the clear knowledge of the mind is a state of bliss that is free from suffering.

3) Nirvana is not something to be created and samsara is not something to be eliminated because our mind is Buddhahood. There is no Buddhahood that is other than us; it is the nature of our own mind. When we have gained the elimination of all the negative qualities and gained all the positive qualities of realization, it is 42 Songs on Yolmo Snow-Mountain the unchanged nature of our own mind, exactly as it is, which is Buddhahood. While we ·do not realize this, we are under the power of the defilements and wander in samsara.

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