Download PDF by Khenchen Thrangu, Tashi Namgyal, Yeshe Gyamtso: The Ninth Karmapa's Ocean of Definitive Meaning

By Khenchen Thrangu, Tashi Namgyal, Yeshe Gyamtso

ISBN-10: 1559392029

ISBN-13: 9781559392020

The Ocean of Definitive Meaning by means of the 9th Karmapa (1556–1603) is the main profound and well-known textual content on Mahamudra ever written and is of significant value within the residing Kagyu culture. It deals an in depth, uniquely entire presentation of guideline on either the view and the perform. within the teachings contained during this booklet, Thrangu Rinpoche has distilled the essence of the 9th Karmapa's great textual content into practicable proportions and has given pointed counsel at the implementation of its guideline. in accordance with Thrangu Rinpoche, Mahamudra perform is mainly acceptable for Westerners and modern practitioners since it should be discovered within the context of almost any way of life. Mahamudra dissolves the bogus separation among phenomena and vacancy, revealing the radiant show of brain. The 9th Karmapa's textual content has usually been to be had in basic terms to complex scholars. besides the fact that, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche has kindly consented to the booklet of those middle teachings at the textual content, which he gave within the context of a retreat he led in 2001 within the mountains of British Columbia for one hundred forty Western scholars. His compelling presentation offers lecturers and scholars with a scientific method of many of the maximum practices within the Kagyu culture. Thrangu Rinpoche's striking knowledge and perception make this new statement a peerless jewel within the canons of non secular literature.

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Through holding your breath, you think that you cause this tiny brilliant sphere of white light to rise up from the lotus in your heart, upward through your body, from which it emerges, shooting up out of the aperture at the center of the top of your head, and continues to rise until it reaches the highest reaches of space above you. While doing this, you also put more exertion into your physical posture, so that your posture is especially strict, involving even a little tension. You also raise your gaze, so that you are looking upward, and attempt to make your mind very bright, clear, and cheerful.

Then you rest both your hands on top of your knees and you do it a third time, but this time through both nostrils at once. So there are nine breaths that are expelled in sets of three, each set consisting of a gentle exhalation, a medium exhalation, and a forceful or vigorous exhalation. The significance of this exercise is the same as that found in the iconography of the many deities who have three faces. 12 Here, because of their correspondence to a place and therefore to nostrils and breathing, you are cleansing or removing these mental afflictions by using the breathing to do so.

The general point here is stated as follows: “Do not prolong the past. Do not beckon the future. ” Now you will all be getting this book, so you will find this instruction in the book, but just so you have it right now, the basic instruction is, “Do not prolong the past. Do not beckon the future. ” Prolonging the past here means thinking about the past or recollecting the past. When we recollect the past, one of two things happens. If we recollect a pleasant aspect of the past, then we become excited.

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